Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ratings for Fear & Hatred continue to slide

Once America's top TV program, Fear & Hatred is now struggling to stay in the Top Ten behind recent hits like Accountability!, Real Estate Bubble and What the Hell Were We Thinking?

The producers of F&H have tried all the usual gimmicks this season to buoy their flagship show's sinking ratings, including:

The controversial killing off of two main characters (Though the door was left open for a guest appearance by Rummy later this year in a flashback).

The hiring of a lovable child actor, The People of Iraq.

A vacation special, F&H Goes Somalian.

And the just-aired very special episode entitled: Poor Condi's Womb.

Yet these gimmicks have failed to keep the ratings high enough to justify F&H's enormous production costs. Producers are now said to be focusing on keeping the show on the air long enough to have enough episodes for the lucrative syndication market.

Calls to confirm the rumored cancelling of a spinoff show, F&H:Iran, were not returned.


Anonymous Gray said...

Did you really prefer the previous show "Eternal Enforcement: No Fly Zones"?

I didn't think that was a very good show--a lot of the action happened off screen and it seemed like it would never end. I understand production costs were outrageous too.

I totally didn't like the spin-off of "Eternal Enforcement" either: "Starving Kids for Fun and Profit"

I mean, I don't mind a reality show once in a while, but seeing those kids starve while Saddam built palaces and armies just jumped the shark for me....

I couldn't believe the audience reaction to "WMDeal or no WMDeal" Saddam totally made the wrong decision every single time and they still wanted to give him the prize!

I think a lot of the audience identified with him--'cuz they are shystie, sneaky, totalitarian bastards too.

Sometimes I don't think we need better shows, I think we need a better audience--y'know, people with an understanding of history, art and nuance to be able to understand the plot lines instead of just falling for the obvious.

11:53 AM  

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