Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What can Brown do for you?

Gordon Brown takes over as British Prime Minister today.

One ranking of past Prime Ministers:

1Clement Attlee (Lab. 1945-51)8.34
2Winston Churchill (Con. 1940-45, 51-55)7.88
3David Lloyd George (Lib. 1916-22)7.33
4Margaret Thatcher (Con. 1979-90)7.14
5Harold Macmillan (Con. 1957-63)6.49
6Tony Blair (Lab. 1997- )6.30
7Herbert Asquith (Lib. 1908-16)6.19
8Stanley Baldwin (Con. 1923-24, 24-29, 35-37)6.18
9Harold Wilson (Lab. 1964-70)5.93
10Lord Salisbury (Con. 1895-1902)5.75
11Henry Campbell-Bannerman (Lib. 1906-08)5.01
12James Callaghan (Lab. 1976-79)4.75
13Edward Heath (Con. 1970-74)4.36
14Ramsay MacDonald (Lab. 1924, 29-31, 31-35)3.73
15John Major (Con. 1990-97)3.67
16Andrew Bonar Law (Con. 1922-23)3.50
17Neville Chamberlain (Con. 1937-40)3.43
18Arthur Balfour (Con. 1902-05)3.42
19Alec Douglas-Home (Con. 1963-64)3.33
20Anthony Eden (Con. 1955-57)2.53

Wonder where Brown will finish up.


Blogger American Interests said...

Not sure what he will do for me but for the markets there will be a positive reaction given his former role as "Chancellor of the Exchequer". About Iraq? He did support the war but will want to distinguish himself from Blair hence, he has already indicated a desire to withdraw troops. Toward the United States? he is a "transatlanticist" but expect a slightly cooler relationship with Washington. What's everyone else think?

11:39 PM  

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