Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Innovation vs. Repetition

There's a great little hamburger drive-in by my house that I'd eat at every day if I could convince my family to join me. Sadly, I can only talk them into it about once a month.

There isn't enough money in the world to bribe me into seeing yet another movie about a plucky underdog sports team that somehow manages to defy the odds and win the big game, though. Yet there must be an audience that wants to see these things because Hollywood cranks one out about every couple weeks.

Some couples manage to stay married to each other their whole lives. Other people will get married many times and probably have affairs even while they are married.

Lifelong Republicans and Democrats vs. Independents who can vote either way.

Live in one place your whole life or always on the move?

One career or a new job every few years?

Food, movies, partner(s), politics, home, job, etc.

Where do you have the tendency to be satisfied with with the tried and true?

Where do you have an insatiable desire for something new?

How do they mesh with modern society?

Do you think your particular needs could have been better met in another place or time?

If you're an explorer type, always wanting to be the first to see new lands, you're out of luck these days...


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