Thursday, July 05, 2007

A new meme is actually an old joke

I've seen the It's not enough to be right, you must be right for the right reasons meme being floated on many right-wing sites lately in reference to the Iraq War.

The anti-war crowd may have been right about Iraq, but they're still wrong because they were right for the wrong reasons.

This line reminds me of an old Buddy Hackett joke:

A couple, on vacation in Las Vegas, is having an argument in their hotel room:

"How could you lose $200 playing slots!" he yells

"Why are you yelling at me," she says, "you lost $3,000 shooting craps!"

He says "Yeah, but I know how to gamble!"

I think the pro-war crowd is now working hard to pack away their remaining support for use in starting a future war.

Hence the "lucky guess/backstab" memes being trotted out once again.


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