Sunday, January 28, 2007

The right tool for the job

I'm having a rather unproductive weekend.

I have two tasks I'm trying to complete, one home repair and one programming, and I don't have the right tool to complete either of them. I figure my options are either:

1. Muddle through with the tools I have.
2. Scrap the projects entirely.
3. Fork over the bucks for the right tool.

I tried the "going with the army I have" approach to both tasks today and made very little progress on either.

In fact, I think I actually made them both worse.

For the home repair job, I can rent the tool I need, but it's expensive and there's a nontrivial chance I'll kill or maim myself with it.

For the software task, the right tool is expensive, but I can order it through work at no cost, but I might not get it until the deadline for project completion has passed.

Some sympathy for our rather unloved president this evening...


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