Monday, September 24, 2007

The politics of home schooling

While browsing for kid's books online, I found out Bob Jones University is a leading supplier of textbooks for home schoolers. Bible Truths K4 Teacher's Picture Packet (color) is a pretty standard offering.

They also offer advise for home schoolers, which is how I found the link to the Home School Legal Defense Association.

Wow, are they ever organized on the political front!

Note the list of national and state legislation on the right (complete with an up or down recommendation on whether to support or oppose each bill).

A sample -
Massachusetts House Bill 399: Mandatory Full-Day Kindergarten:

HSLDA's Position:

Action Requested:
Contact as many members of the Joint Committee on Education as possible and ask them to oppose this legislation. You do not have to identify yourself as a homeschooler, as House Bill 399 affects all families with young children.

In your own words, convey the message: “Please vote against House Bill 399. This bill is unnecessary. It restricts parental choice and wastes taxpayer money.”


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