Monday, January 29, 2007

Long-term costs of meddling in other countries

Compared to most other countries, America is very rich. A modest amount of our money spent in a third world country can bring about big changes.

But even if toppling a dictator or backing a rebel group looks like a good idea in the short-term, should we do it?

What else should we consider?

1. The enemy of our enemy isn't always worth backing.

Some consideration should be given to what will happen if the group we back does win. (Taliban, etc.)

2. Where will the bad guys go if our guys do win?

If our guys win, will the bad guys flee to another country and destabilize it or at least cause problems? (Taliban in Pakistan, Janjaweed in Chad)

3. What happens to the guys we back if they lose?

Will they flee to other countries and cause problems? (MS-13 fleeing to L.A.)

4. How will neighboring countries react if our guys do win?

Will they become more militaristic or anti-American? (Iran, Venezuala)

5. Will any gains be erased when America's involvement comes out?


6. Will America get blamed for things we didn't do when our meddling is revealed?

(Death squads in Iraq)

7. What are the chances the group we back will turn anti-American?

(Viet Minh during WWII)

A few things to ponder before we try to topple Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin or ????


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