Thursday, April 26, 2007

Swiftboating the White House press corp

The left side of the blogosphere is jumping on the White House press corp for their failure to...have written piece after piece saying Bush is lying in the lead up to the Iraq War and its aftermath.

Sycophants and royal courtiers are the terms being applied to those hapless reporters who failed to ask the "tough questions."

But, if you read through the White House press briefings from that time, you can see those reporters did indeed ask the tough questions.

The things is, when the president says something, it's news and get reported as such.

A question from the White Huse press corp to the administration's spokesmen that gets a noncomittal answer isn't news.

That's the way it works.


Blogger happyfeet said...

Swiftboating is such an ugly word. Words I like better are caramel, golden, and auspicious. Also melancholy, vertiginous and pettifoggery.

2:07 AM  

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