Monday, April 30, 2007

Suborbital commuting

Space vacations are getting a lot of press lately. You can even book your space vacation right now if you have $200,000 in next year's vacation budget.

But what about suborbital commuting? Traveling at 17,000 mph could sure cut down the time spent traveling on long business trips. If you're Steve Jobs, you can travel in a Gulfstream V, but you're still only going at 740 mph.

Time is money.

If you were willing to pony up around $15 million or so, three people could cut the commute from, say, LA to Singapore from 15 hours to about 1/2 an hour in one of these and be dropped onto the lawn of the office building of your choice (provided it was insulated from the landing rocket's blast, of course).

But who makes so much money that saving a day's traveling would be worth $5 million?

The top three hedge fund managers do (well close, their average income is around $4 million a day).

Will space commuting be far behind space vacations?

Time is money.


Blogger happyfeet said...

I remember someone with smartness in their head postulate that what would be super-cool would be a bullet train in a vacuum tube linking say NYC and London. It was very expensive, duh, but engineerically doable.

4:45 PM  

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